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My Goodness!!!! w/ Elba, and Fox and the Law

My Goodness plays blistering blues rock, and is a force to be reckoned with in this town. A duo, who may initially have gotten their idea’s from.. oh I don’t know The Black Keys? But they prove to keep a distinctly unique and passionate delivery all of their own. They are great fun and inspire moshing, or at least some form of body movement. Definately a much needed kick to the head for all this mellow folk rock harmonizing that the local kids have been swilling at us these days. And man these guys can play! Joel and Ethan have got serious chops! Ain’t nothing simple about these blues riffs. The songs are like perfectly timed bombs, and the energy in the live show has fortunately been captured on their self titled record (released on Sarathan Records).All I can say is Hell’s Yeah!!

The Tractor was packed for a Wednesday night and openers Elba, took the stage with their brand of timeless pop/rock gems. They put on an impressive show. Elba is one of those bands who craft songs to mesmerize and stay with you for a bit. They are an act to watch out for.

In keeping with Blues, and Rock’n’ Roll, The Fox and the Law (pictured left) was absolutely fitting to warm the stageup for My Goodness. These guys have all the super tight cohesion, and spiraling jangly swagger to make your mother throw her panties!….or something. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this explosive young four piece!

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My Goodness tonight @ The Tractor w/ Fox and the Law, & Elba

Great bill tonight at the Tractor. Come out, while you can still catch My Goodness for only $5. This bad ass duo is most likely tear the place down. Elba opens at 8:30pm, with Fox and the Law on after , so come out early it’s most likely going to be packed! Get tickets

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C-Leb and the Kettle Black "Can't Get That Low"

Seems like our old friend and local musician C-Leb has gone and redefined himself once again, and this time when you look him up in your Funk and Wagnalls it just says
C•Leb – noun

This iteration brings on the epitome of da’blues in a way-back throat destroying kinda way. Nothin but a sliding 6 string, harmonica and drum probably stolen from some sleeping hippie and repurposed in an unbelievably great way.

Enough talking about it. HERE!:

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High Dive's Anniversary weekend!

This weekend the High Dive will be celebrating their six year anniversary with three fantastic nights of great music, including a benefit for High Dive sound man Rob Sydow, on Sunday.

April 22nd High Dive’s 6th Anniversary
Shim, Hounds of the Wild Hunt, Hobosexual
Pre-Sale Tickets

April 23rd High Dive’s 6th Anniversary
Pickwick, Kelli Schaefer, The Legendary Oaks
Pre-Sale Tickets

April 24th Benefit for Rob Sydow
Virgin, Filthy None, DJ Taco Supreme
8pm/21+/suggested donation of $20
Pre-Sale Tickets

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The High Dive Celebrates Six Years of Music

This weekend, to be clear, this entier weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday The High Dive will be hosting some of the best up and coming Bands in the North West, covering a few different genres.
First up on Friday night, get ready to have your senses rocked with Hounds of The Wild Hunt ( Formally The Whoremoans) Shim, and Hobosexual. It will be one exciting night of rock infused punk that will make you bang your head and pump your fist in the air. Drink whiskey during these sets. Trust me. Now if this is not quite your scene Saturday night will be a whole different line up of greatness. Pickwick, Kelli Schaefer, and The Legendary Oaks will all take the stage this night. Come ready to dance your ass off for Pickwick, they will make you sweat with their brand of Blues/Funk/Rock They played to a sold out crowd at the Tractor a month ago, and it was Amazing. Kelli Schaefer will make the room fall silent with her beautiful songs, then blow them away with her full out Rock and Roll.
If you are still not satisfied with these two line ups, Sunday night there will be a Benefit for Rob Sydow The High Dive’s sound man, Virgin, The Filthy None, DJ Taco Supreme will be playing that night and all sales from Sunday nights show will go towards helping Rob Sydow with medical bills. Ticket’s will be at the door with a suggested donation of 20$.

Whew! that is a ton of music and fun in three days.

Friday and Saturday nights show’s are sure to sell out, So get your tickets now…

April 22nd
Shim, Hounds of the Wild Hunt, Hobosexual
Get your tickets here -

April 23rd
Pickwick, Kelli Schaefer, and The Legendary Oaks!
Get your tickets here –

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The High Dive is the place to be.

This Thursday Night the High Dive is hosting some of the best upcoming acts in Seattle right now. Bryan John Appleby, Young Lions, Fort Union, and Widower. WOW! New comers Fort Union, who consits of members of GoldFinch and former members of Friday mile will be celebrating the release of their newly release Single ” Solstice Day Parade” which you can listen to HERE Also celebrating a new release will be Young Lions, who just finished recording with Seattles own Grammy winner Kory Kruckenberg which you can listen to HERE To top off the night will be Bryan John Appleby who is one hell of a singer song writer watch this video to see what I am talking about and Widower who’s main man Kevin Large is also in Grand Hallway and has another show that night with his Tom Petty Cover band, music will start promptly after 8pm and you do not want to miss Widower or any of the band’s on the evening’s bill.

Come out!

Thursday 3/31: The Young Lions, Bryan John Appleby, Fort Union, Widower – 8pm/ $7

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A Golden Weekend In Seattle!

This coming weekend, it’s like we’re back in the 90′s again and Seattle is being invaded by zaney Californians wishing to flock to the #1 city to live in the world…except this time we will be welcoming them with open arms. That’s right, for once, we all need to go out and let Californians know how much we love them. “Which Californians,” you ask?  None other than harcord/punk band The Golden Hour.

TGH first formed back in 2005, and as time has gone on their sound has become more and more refined. Somewhere between punk rock and hardcore, the band brings the melodious guitar chops of Hot Water Music coupled with the driving sound of a Strung Out. Throw in the ocasional angst of Strike Anywhere and you have a band ready to follow in the well-travelled footseps of Rise Against to your local wherehouse venue and radio airwaves.

So go out and hear them live this Saturday, March 5th:

Saturday March, 5th
Ghost Power!!!
The Golden Hour (CA)
The Shots
@ The Galway Arms (5257 University Way)
9PM — $5

Here is their brand new music video!

The Golden Hour – CURSIVE

And hear more of their songs check out their website:

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HER's Hot Sexy Magma Festival Set To Go Off This Weekend

All you smart alecks are prolly hip to this noise already, but in case you isn’t, I’m here to remind: Hollow Earth Radio’s annual Magma Festival begins this Friday, March 4th. This 3-week-long event has been blowin’ up for a few years now, and armed with a brand new studio and all sorts of contacts/friends/facebookers, I’m sure it’s going to be even better than previous iterations.

Hollow Earth Radio is a free-form internet “radio” station devoted to everything you’ve never heard before (plus some stuff you have, natch), and they do a peerless job of unearthing hidden gem after hidden gem. The station is flagshipped in the Central District (a ‘hood I now call my own), and, thanks to a wildly successful Kickstarter project last May, were able to renovate an existing space to house all their crap recording gear. Right next door to the Central Cinema, bee-tee-double-u.

HER is offering festival passes for a $60 donation which gets you into all 10 shows—that’s 6 measly clams a pop—and they’re even offering a traveling light rail show. Basically a bunch of weirdos playing instruments while the light rail darts to and fro the southern regions of Seattle. In other words, awesome. Now, will this whole musical ordeal actually be “hot” and/or “sexy”? I can say, metaphorically, YES (though I’m sure there are some rrrreal hotties in those bands listed below; I’M LOOKING AT YOU, SPURM). And they’ve even managed to scatter the shows across Seattle’s boroughs, so find one near you!

Here’s the schedule (pretty sure each show is all ages), click the links for cool posters:

March 4: The Vera Project | 8pm | 305 Harrison Street in Seattle Center
Tender Forever
R. Stevie Moore (via the Internet)
Kristin Allen-Zito
Pwrfl Power
$9 with club card / $10 without

March 5: Traveling Light Rail Show | Meet @ 5:30pm at International District Light Rail Station
Racer Sessions – Tahoe Jackson – Toy Boats – Jordan O Jordan – Jamey Braden -
Forrest Friends – Walrus Machine – Paul Hoskin – The Beaconettes – Movitas – Led to Sea
Free music, pay transit fare before boarding

Aftershow @ Radar Hair & Records | 8pm | 2724 1st Ave. S. (SODO)
Ya Ho Wa 33
Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand
Rob Walmart
Sugar Skulls
$8-$20 sliding scale

March 6: NW Tribute to “One Foot In The Grave” | Hollow Earth Radio Studio | 7pm |2018 E Union St (Central District)
Pica Beats – Cock & Swan – 1985 – Webelos – Levi Fuller -
ST Rainbow – Brad Dunn – Urban Outfitters plus more!

March 11: Washington Hall | 8pm | 153 14th Avenue (Central District)
The Hive Dwellers
Militant Child
Alex Miranda

March 12: Healthy Times Fun Club | 9pm | (Capitol Hill)
Broken Water
Kunt Kuntroll

March 18: The Chapel Performance Space | 7pm Sharp | 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N. 4th floor (Wallingford)
Mecca Normal
Ô Paon
Sue Ann Harkey
$10-$20 sliding scale

March 19: The Chapel Performance Space | 7pm Sharp | 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N. 4th floor (Wallingford)
Michael Hurley
Jason Dodson (of the Maldives)
Shana Cleveland & The Sand Castles
$10-$20 Sliding Scale

March 20: CENTRAL SOUNDS Radio Show Presents | Hollow Earth Radio Studio | 6-9pm | 2018 E Union St (Central District)
DJ/MC/Spoken Word Open Grind
with Special Guests

March 25: 20/20 Cycle | 8pm | 2020 E Union St (Central District)
Tin Tree Factory
Polka Dot Dot Dot
Bicycle Choir
Tiffany Lin

March 26: The Mine | 6pm | 5113 Russell Ave NW (Ballard)
Tit Pig – Witch Gardens – Partman Parthorse – Mountainss – Night Shirt – Man Rockwell – Pocket Panda – DJ Ingebling
Sliding Scale $10-$20

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Kelli Schaefer Album Release @ CCT

This Friday make no other plans. You will want to be down at Columbia City Theater for Kelli Schaefer. She will be releasing her debut full length record (on a 12″ limited edition white vinyl) “ Ghost of A Beast”.  Also available at the release show is a white and pink splattered vinyl record for just a few extra bucks. Its totally worth the few extra, as it’s a beautiful piece of vinyl.

If you have never hear Kelli check out the video below. She is one hell of a singer, her song’s will send chills down you, and for some bring a tear to your eye. Her song’s are so deeply personal and touching, add in the fact that she singing at the top of her lungs and playing an electric guitar and you have one hell of a female lead. This will be the best show of the weekend. Joining her for the night will be Joseph Giant, and Ships.

Tickets are still available, but its sure to sell out! get them while you can. They are only 8 bucks!
Friday Feb 25th 9pm
Kelli Schaefer
Joseph Giant

Get Tickets HERE!

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The Lights Go Out

Seattle’s favorite sinister n’ sloppy garage rockers The Lights have announced their “indefinite hiatus” after 13 years of tearing our town to shreds. Drummer PJ Rogalski is moving on up and the band just can’t simply replace such a torched thunderer. I’d like to note, however, that the band is going out on an extremely high note, as their most recent album, Failed Graves, was a deathly, ramshackle success. Sigh.

But! — there’s always a ‘but’ — you can certainly keep cheering on the other two dudes in the band (and Rogalski, too, I suppose) as they keep on truckin’ with other outfits. Craig Chambers is a tireless musician and has two (2) other bands you can track: Love Tan and Le Sang Song. Bassist Jeff Albertson has a sweet, shiny band called Summer Babes that released a fun new EP last July.

It’s only fitting that the final show takes place at the Funhouse, with two bands you should already be very familiar with: Partman Parthorse and Unnatural Helpers. Gonna be a helluva time. Here’s the Facebook event page.

Fri 2/25 – The Lights Say “See you later… probably much later.”
The Lights –
Unnatural Helpers -
Partman Parthorse -
9:30pm, $7

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