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The Cops Farewell Tour, Part Deux

Cops at the Sunset Tavern, 20 December 2008 And you thought that The Cops disappeared into the snowy night like so many chartered private planes …. Er, whoops, sorry. A Snowpocalypse-turned-Big Bopper reference gone sideways there. How about: The Cops didn’t fade into memory like the snowdrifts that put Seattle on lockdown back in December. No, those fine young rockers are holding up their promise to bid fans a fair adieu next month with shows scheduled to make up for the one that got snowed out.

First up, a show for all you underage blog-readers and rock fans out there. Screw the opening of that Jason movie, come on down:
Friday March 13th, at the Vera Project  it’s a killer lineup of
The Cops, with:
Partman Parthorse
Battle Hymns

special guests
doors at 7:30 pm $10 / ALL AGES
Saturday the 14th, at the Sunset Tavern out in ol’ Ballard, the bill looks like:
The Cops
, with:
Spiral Stairs
The Sea Navy

Doors at 8pm / Show time 9pm $10 / 21+
Rip off your shirt and bow down at the feet of some rock ‘n roll legends, and party like Bush is leaving office all over again!

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Who Will Rock the Croc First? A Poll.

Awright, I am shamelessly hijacking this idea, but let’s put it to a poll:

Who do YOU want to see play the Croc the first night/week? More detail, the better.

(We already know who The Lady wants in attendance… this is a vote for performers, not stars in the crowd.)

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Curing those Recession Blues… With Candlebox?

They are appearing at Neumo’s sometime in the future. Despite the uniquitous “bad economy”, I bet this meow rock-escapade sells the eff out.

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The Croc to Rock Again!

The folks over at The Stranger’s Line Out blog have a published a peek inside the forthcoming revamped and renamed Crocodile. Notice there is no “Cafe” in the name now. Better still is the expansion of the all-important main room. While I had lunch there a few times, it looks like a good move to eliminate the eating area of the south/Blanchard side of the space. What occupies the wall now is long, easily-accessible bar that will face the redesigned and enlarged stage area. Scroll down to the eye-level profile shot of the bar, and note the depth of the area behind the bar. Few places, save for the Key Arena, Showbox Market, and Showbox Sodo (nee Premier Club), have such a generous and well-designed workspace for the hard-workin’ bartender. (Some of you might have known this writer in a past life when he worked behind a bar that wasn’t so well-designed. Apologies to all whose beers were tipped by my belt buckle.)

Some other changes:

  • The elimination of the dreaded Pole. You know which one I’m talkin’ about. (Good news!)
  • Presumble removal of the Transformer-esque partition between the main room and old cafe space. (Better still!)
  • Higher ceilings! Will this preserve the great sound in that room? (Hope so!)
  • Via Tribunali will be taking over food-service duties. (Meh.)

Questions remain:

  • Will the Green Room be revived?
  • Will the VIP loft remain?
  • Why the eff are the selling tickets through t-bastard?
  • And perhaps most importantly, who will be booking the joint?

Some bands are boasting shows there in April, so expect a grand opening in the coming weeks. Ain’t it great knowing that an old favorite’s coming back, and not being leveled for condo construction?

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Song of the Day

Sloan’s “Snowsuit Sound”. Check it, snowbound people.

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If I Only Owned a Pat Boone Record…

… I’d set it on fire in my yard. And piss on it to put it out.
It’s sad to report that on the anniversary of the death of John Lennon, a man who dedicated his life to peace and tolerance, and a creator of some of the most memorable and inspiring music in modern times, that septuagenarian crooner and all-around douchenozzle Pat Boone should puke out some misguided and completely hypocritical vitriol into the world.
No, not more terrible pop music, or Metallica covers. Someone’s given him a keyboard so he can use the webs.
Blogging from deep within his lonely Tent of Hate, the ignoramus Boone boldly compared the reprehensible acts of the terrorists who killed in Mumbai, India, last week with the legions of open-minded Americans who have taken up action to reject Prop 8.
Almost lost your mind, old man? Nah, I think it’s definitely gone.

John Lennon, Rest in Peace.

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"The Renaissance" Revives The Abstract

Anyone else lovin’ the new Q-Tip record? I don’t know about airplay, but it’s on repeat on my music player. I got it last week and wish I’d gotten it sooner. It’s a bit like “Amplified” never happened – the sorta unsettling bravado and machismo of that album is largely absent from the new material by Q-Tip aka Kamaal the Abstract. Not that “Amplified” was a bad record, but in hindsight it lacks the staying power of other material from a decade ago. The collaborations on that record are a bit dated, whereas here, it seems that the work with D’Angelo, Norah Jones and Subsonic favorite Raphael Saadiq will give “Renaissance” a long, long shelf life.

For playlist-makers, “The Renaissance” is mixing well with Pete Rock (ok, what doesn’t?), The Roots, Crown City Rockers‘ “Earthtones” album, and Common Market‘s “Black Patch War”. Whereas A Tribe Called Quest is historically associated with the East Coast, this new material and these artists seem to effectively span the continent. Chalk that up to greater variety in sound from the live instrumentation used in a majority of these artists’ work. I heard Q-Tip’s unreleased follow-up to “Amplified.” It was a bit of an experiment using a live band in the studio in NY. It showed promise but was scrapped. Apparently some of the DNA from that beast survived as the production of “Renaissance” suggests the collaboration of many musicians, not just an MC and producer.

On that note, if you want to tap your foot to the beat of hip-hop accompanied by a bunch of drums, horns, and guitars, Lyrics Born will be playing Friday night. LB’s always-lively presence on stage ought to quell your disappointment about Q-Tip’s reported no-show at Showbox Sodo last month.

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Super Brief Recommendation

… for tonight, Friday Nov 28th! How ’bout a one-two punch o’ funk? The Nectar Lounge will indeed be the Center of the Universe after 9PM. The deep grooves of Justin “J Boogie” Boland and the phenomenal Herbaliser with a big ol’ live section of instruments keeps the four-day weekend real fresh. Tickets are still available through TicketWeb for thirteen bones.

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Recipe for Eric Hutchinson's "Sounds Like This"

For best results, open a beer.
Turn on Ryan Adams‘ “To Be Young”
Mix following ingredients:

1 Part John Legend*
1 Part Ray LaMontagne
Dash of Ben Folds
Pinch of Joss Stone

* You can substitute Stevie Wonder’s “Innervisions” if you’re out of Legend’s “Once Again”

Regular readers might find this to be pretty out of sync with this writer’s usual recommendations. Insert “variety is the spice of life” cliche here. I heard the single “OK It’s Alright With Me” last week on a satellite channel and sought out more. Maybe you’ll dig Eric too.

Eric Hutchinson

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Video from Pearl Jam's Past, Available Now

Pearl Jam group shot
Like most Americans, this band is smiling after last week’s election results.

Though they had the best of intentions in making a tour film with rock band Pearl Jam, the best efforts of part-time movie-makers (and full-time skaters) Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski were hidden from fans until just last month. Invited to accompany the rock band on a few dates of its domestic Vote for Change tour in the weeks before the ill-fated 2004 presidential election, the duo used their Super 8 to document their travels and have released it as a perhaps ironically-titled “Vote for Change? 2004“. Much more than a concert film, this documentary features interviews and monologues of regular ol’ ‘Murricans, most of whom were pretty hacked off about the state of American politics, circa September 2004. The band members get a few minutes of time on the soapbox, too. As expected, armchair politics lean just left of center but the rants are kept in check. The film is successful because it’s primarily about live concert footage.

The tour, and the movie, kicks off at the Ed Sullivan Theater on The Late Show, where the band performs a powerful, rearranged version of Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War.” I can’t be entirely sure, but I tend to think the track of the audience accompaniment was dubbed in from a different show. It seems unlikely that the band handpicked 400 people who knew the words of the song and promised to sing along for that taping… In keeping with this theme, other politically-charged covers are featured, including The Avengers’ “American In Me”, “I am a Patriot” by Steven Van Zandt, CCR’s “Fortunate Son”, and unique version of “All Along the Watchtower” with none other than Neil “I’ll solo with only two notes” Young himself. The show rocks, and was mixed by longtime PJ collaborator Brett Eliason, so it also sounds great. Stream it through the YouTubes or in a player on the PJ website. I chose the latter, and each chapter queued up sequentially (hey! no advertisements!) and played flawlessly.

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