Mike McCready with Shadow at the Tractor

December 23rd, 2011

Mike McCready - ShadowWhen I heard Mike McCready was playing a show at the Tractor on Tuesday, December 27 with his old band Shadow I knew I had to go. I mean, come on, it’s Mike McCready at the Tractor. Not often can one see someone of his stature at such an intimate venue. So I contacted Shadow drummer, Chris Friel, who I had the pleasure of jamming with when backing up Kim Virant and asked about getting in to write about the show. He said, “Sounds good!” and thus, it’s set. I’m going. I don’t know much about Shadow’s music but Strangest Tribe author, Stephen Tow, refers to them as a “metal band” so I’ll go with that. Some good metal and, I’m sure, plenty of good guitar solos at the Tractor it is then.

The complete line up of Shadow is Chris and Rick Friel, Danny Newcombe, and Mike McCready. The show will feature a special surprise guest, and I’d say get there early as I can’t image it not selling out. Tickets are $15 and the show is a benefit for Carbon Roots International.


Who: Shadow with Chasers and Surprise Guest!
When: Tuesday, December 27
Where: The Tractor Tavern 8:00pm until 1:00am
Cost: $15. Buy online.
Facebook Event: Shadow with Chasers and Surprise Guest!

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