Orca Team And Kissing Cousins

September 20th, 2011

So you’re out for a drink with your scenester pals in some hip locale with classically unfamiliar tunes playing overhead. And given the nasal male vox buoyed by a surf-y, smart-Alec (Firefox made me capitalize that) bass line and a snappy, clean, well-plucked guitar, perhaps you thought the Intelligence—beloved and zany Seattle glo-fi outfit—had recently released some new tunes. Or, at the very least, had some tunes you hadn’t heard before. Well, you’d be forgiven for that mistake (though if someone offers to flog you, accept!), since their tunes are generally awesome and ringleader Lars Finberg has recently been coined a STRANGER and a GENIUS, but, well, you’d be wrong. Yes, I’m in your head and the band you heard was the GGNZLA-approved Seattle via Portland Orca Team.

If this little bit of crazy sounds like something up your alley, Kissing Cousins is an album you should look into. Orca Team is a bit more committed to melody and song structure than that other band’s bizarro world, and the “Mod”-inspired sparse quirky pop with distant, tape hiss recordings just might make you wanna bust the Twist, the Swim, the Watusi or EVEN THE MASHED POTATO GUYS. Also, you might need a beach blanket. Leif Anders slaps the bass and sings, Jessica Baldauf runs the guitar section and Dwayne Cullen holds down the snare-heavy skins. The music is real good-like, but I think they could really hit it out of the park with some more polished recordings (gasp!). Blasphemy, I know.

Get the cassette or mp3′s over at GGNZLA’s bandcamp or check out a few highlights below:

Orca Team – Night Moves

Orca Team – You’ve Got Everything Made

Note: the band released another limited edition cassette through High Fives and Handshakes, which included—you guessed it—a cover of the Intelligence’s “The World Is Not A Drag”. Both came out in July.

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2 Responses to “Orca Team And Kissing Cousins”

  1. September 21st, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Jared C said:

    Thanks for bringing this band to my attention. Their videos are awesome and uncomfortable. I especially like the creative way they incorporate alcohol bottles into the mix. I am going to check out a show.

  2. September 12th, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Mooser said:

    Had the honor of following Orca Team at Slims, as organist for “The Jilly Rizzo” The entire band was captivated, and I found them to be the epitome of suburban charm. Lief’s talents however, should not make Jessica a silent plucking partner. She should sing, too.

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