Flexions Album 'Golden Fjord' Out August 2nd on Cairo Records

June 14th, 2011

Flexions are a band to keep somewhere in your crowded brain-space, whether in the frontal lobe or somewhere on the back burner. They’re a rare band with alternate takes on various genres and methods. Mostly though, they’re a dub-infused, post-punkish, quiet-riot kind of lock-step outfit with one of the city’s best guitarists (Devin Welch) and also one of it’s best drummers (Tyler Swan) pulling full-time duty. Robin Stein has plenty of grooves snaking out of his bass guitar, too. Relive their February Jewelbox show here.

Anyway, thankfully, their new record is finally on the docket, to be released by local imprint Cairo Records on August 2nd (CD / LP / MP3). It goes by the name of Golden Fjord, and listening to it for the first time, I must contain my excitement. Production seems to be top-notch, and there are many more auditory treats than just the simple schematic of guitar / bass / drum that maybe you heard live or on prior recordings. Below are a couple of songs to whet your whistle. Whet away…

Flexions – Her War


Flexions – Seething Mass from Cairo Records on Vimeo.

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