Drew Grow and The Pastors Wives are back!

March 11th, 2011

So in keeping the tradition of passionate music that I’ve witnessed at The Columbia City Theater lately, last Friday I finally got to catch Drew Grow and The Pastors Wives. Due to Drew’s very recent recovery from being injured, It was a special night for the band and for everyone who came. He took to the stage on crutches, looking reasonably uncomfortable. Then found his guitar, sat in front of the mic and after a moment poured his heart into it.

Actually, I was amazed at the idea of  Drew returning to the stage so soon. It seemed as if I had just learned of his car accident that happened in January. But as much as music is theraputic for the listener, it’s healing powers are twofold for the person making it. And having a band this spiritually potent,  one can only imagine that he was determined to do this as soon as possible.

Grow and the Wives came on fierce, and immediately ignited  the room with their thunderous rocker Bootstraps (found on their self tilted album). Along with Drew, this incredible band (Jeremiah Hayden drums/vocals, Seth Schaper guitar/vocals, and Kris Doty/bass vocals) manages to keep all live elements raw and emotionally engaging. The music really has so many beautiful and compelling dynamics. They can have you hanging on slide guitar feedback and upright bass strokes one minute, and the next the entire band can become this gigantic wall of vocals. It’s really this gospel-like choir teetering from the heavens that shifts the primary melodic structure. Drew is a vital and passionate presence with a vocal range that brings Jeff Buckley, and maybe a tinge of Mark Lanegan to mind. His triumphant delivery last Friday at The Columbia City Theater proves great resilience, and commitment to his art.

Photos by Hilary Harris

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