White Rainbow Lays The Boogie Down, Chooses Purple & Green As Dominant Colors

February 22nd, 2011

Dudes, ladies and lovers of structureless synthonica (*coined it*), digital wizardry, Portland and pizza: I must confess I’ve been spending a LAAARGE amount of time the past month with one White Rainbow, aka Dr. Pizza, aka Adam Forkner, aka one of the most ingenious electronic producers in our PacNW region. You might recall from last winter my highlighting of WR’s much sought after, out-of-print box set. Still haven’t made it all the way through that buzzing behemoth. More recently, Forkner put together some unreleased tracks collecting digital dust in his hard drive, titled Gnarchives Volume 1, causing laptop nerds everywhere to lose their collective breath.

But, more interestingly, he’s also composed a 3-track album (the meaning of that word is wide open these days, people) that is much more of a “new frontier” for the prolific music maker. Lays The Boogie Down takes everything you know about WR and spins it for the dance fools. The title track is a preposterous 17 minutes long with a hard clap backbone, synthetic horns, scuzzy guitars, and a real future funk kind of feeling. Hey, if you can listen to four reg’lar songs in a row, you can easily ingest 17 minutes of this awesomely improvised dancetronica. The other two tracks are great as well (but, admittedly, play second fiddle to “…Lays The Boogie Down”). His bandcamp is pretty much a “name your price” kinda deal, but I suggest kicking the dude 5 bones or more for his troubles. Sample it, at least, here:

I can’t help but surmise that this new boogie in his step has been catalyzed through his recent collaboration with R&B singer Justin Johnson, aka JGreen. The duo is going by the name Purple & Green and has a decidedly funky bent to Forkner’s usual seamless songscapes. To Wit:

“Purple N Green is the new Portland Experimental Digital Funky project from: J GREEN aka Justin Leon Johnson – vocals; Adam Forkner (White Rainbow, Rob Walmart, We Like Cats, etc) – production and synth solos”

Ok, sorry, not that descriptive, but if you hit the blog, they got all sorts of tracks up on Soundcloud. Or you can check out a pretty nice vid from their show at the tiny Cairo shop/gallery over on East Mercer Street a few weeks back. Props to whomever captured it:


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