New Intelligence Video For "Bong Life"

January 20th, 2011

Carlos Lopez, local and recently prolific (peep his Vimeo page) music movie maker, recently shot a video for a song from the Intelligence‘s Males, one of my ten favorite local records from 2010. It was one of those Kickstarter deals where people donate money to the project. It’s… “PRETTY COOL!” Kudos to YOU if you lovingly supported this little adventure. The song, of course is “Bong Life”, and the moving picture is every bit as rapid and zany as the song itself. I wonder where they rented those costumes from…been meaning to shoot a period piece myself.

Intelligence – “Bong Life” (Official Music Video) from Carlos LOPEZ on Vimeo.


In other Intelligence-related news, Puberty has recently signed a record deal with Toronto’s Telephone Explosion label. Apparently, a self-titled record is due out soon. Lars Finberg and his band/soul mate Susanna Welbourne, you might recall, hooked up with some other local musicians last year to put on Trainwreck, a drunken, debaucherous musical foray into SODO’s traincar chinese restaurant, The Orient Express. Read all about that trainwreck here and here.


Yeah, I’m bloggin’ today. So what?

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