Virgin Islands, Unnatural Helpers, Little Cuts, Male Bonding..

February 24th, 2010

Holy Mother, my head’s about to implode with excitement.

Last weekend was an overload of great Seattle rock-n-rollah. For you sorry sum-bitches that missed Virgin Islands at the Comet or Unnatural Helpers at the Funhouse, it’s OK. The Sunset Tavern has the cure for your pain (And trust me, I KNOW your pain). Friday, March 5th you can get everything last weekend offered, and THEN some.

It’s hard to even fathom that this is all happening in one night on one stage in one little bar in Ballard. The line-up here looks like the bill for a mini-festival. First up, to light the fuse, are the Little Cuts. A trifecta of rock consisting of former COPS bassist Drew (Droo) Church along with Dave Hernandez (of Shins fame) and drummer/incredible tattoo guru, Curtis James (Old Haunts) taking up the skins. They had to bag on the Comet show with Virgin Islands last weekend so here’s their chance for that pent-up power to flow.

Next, Virgin Islands take to their “home” stage. It’s been said over and over that Virgin Islands are the evolution of ex-punkers, The Cops. Personally  I like to think of them more as an evolution of Seattle rock. The band has incredible solidarity, the rhythm drives the songs forward at breakneck speed, the guitar is screams alongside the vocals without trampling them and the whole thing comes together with the  oneness of a fucking wrecking ball.

What Virgin Islands have released so far on EP can be heard here. We can look forward to hearing some cuts from the band’s upcoming 7″ tentatively titled Cobra Wine as this is their current inspirational elixir of choice. And just as a note here; these guys are more than worthy of headline status.. and they’re playing second of 4. Tells you a little about how the night’s going to pan out.

Third up, Unnatural Helpers, who stomped the Funhouse stage  flat on Friday (see LB’s post here), are going to be delivering more of their “drop-kick garage punk”. The ‘Helpers are an ever-evolving phenomenon centered around drummer/singer Dean Whitmore and featuring a revolving laundry-list of Seattle music cornerstones from guitarist Chris Martin of Kinski to bassist Kimberly Morrison of Dutchess and the Duke. It would be a complete guess  to tell you who was slated to be playing on Mar 6th but be assured the performance will be super-charged

Finally the night is capped with one of the newest in the Sup-Pop quivver, London’s “good-time” 3-piece Male Bonding. They’re a lo-fi combination of 90′s grunge and 70′s psychedelia. With a pretty large library to draw from, I’m hopinmg they’ll bring their best. This night also marks the first  in a huge string of North American shows for Male Bonding so expect them to be brimming tons of energy.

If you’re looking for me between sets, I’ll be over at the Smoke Shop catching my breath.


Friday, March 5th @ the Sunset Tavern
Male Bonding
Unnatural Helpers
Virgin Islands
Little Cuts
8:00, $8, 21+


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2 Responses to “Virgin Islands, Unnatural Helpers, Little Cuts, Male Bonding..”

  1. March 2nd, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    Kevin leDoux said:

    Word has it that Male Bonding has canceled this gig due to an injury.

  2. March 9th, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Percy said:

    Didn’t matter about Male Bonding not showing up. Little Cuts caught my attention and my ear. I look forward to more from these guys. I liked Virgin Islands EP, but it came off a little like mush live. Coulda just been a bad mix at the venue. Unnatural Helpers killed it. Can’t wait to hear their new recordings.

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