RAWSTOCK and the Fred Roth Revue

February 4th, 2009

rawstockRAWSTOCK is a showcase created for raw, irreverent local film makers, leaning more towards grating animations, politically incorrect comedy and grindhouse style exploitation than heavy handed drama. Now in it’s 5th iteration, it has grown to encompass film from coast to coast. RAWSTOCK’s season begins on March 6th with 25 all new films—a filmmaker’s forum celebrating Seattle’s generous film festival experience.


The topping for this sensory feast is the music stylings The Fred Roth Revue who released their CD Dragon Faces (Ana-Them) at the end of 2008. The Fred Roth Revue will be dishing out their upbeat, foot stompin’ power-pop that’s so sweetly rounded out with a hefty dose of the trumpet.
March 6 | 9:00 | ACT  Theatre  |  $20.00

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